ArcGIS Explorer - Labels Please

09-30-2011 02:58 PM
Status: Open
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Please add the functionality to label features within ArcGIS Explorer and Explorer Online. Also, it would be nice to be able to add other types of data to Explorer Online (such as GDB features classes and layers/layer packages). 
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Seriously.  You need to be able to label things.

This is a must!  Think street names.
Really, what is a map without labels? Icons only go so far. Labeling plays an important part in any course or training ESRI offers; it is such a basic feature I was very surprised to find it was not possible in AGOL without a Arcinfo license, and even then it is quite the process to make it happen. Please make this a user friendly step in displaying maps in ArcGIS Online ASAP!

I can't believe that this has been open for 6 years.  I see the Collector has labels in the product plan for development.  I'm hoping that they are also bringing this here too.  Just because we have a map published for 1 use and 1 set of labels, doesn't mean that we want all of our maps looking the same way as other users have different purposes for labeling things differently and i would like to do this via ArcGIS online and not have to have 10 services published with the same data just for labeling.  Thanks.


Sorry, I should be clear on which Explorer I am referring to.  It is the mobile Explorer for ArcGIS used on iOS and Android devices.