Allow word wrapping in ArcGIS Pro model builder elements

03-17-2022 04:21 AM
Status: Open
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If you are processing data it is common practise to chain important steps into the dataset name, as way of example here is a Coastal_0p01_Poly_SP; this tells me its the coastal dataset at 0.01 converted to polygon then exploded into Single Parts. Note there are no spaces in the dataset name.

We all have our own systems but the end result are long dataset names, I see this especially in the world of rasters.

ArcGIS Pro model builder does not allow word wrapping of element names without spaces, so to see the whole name one has to stretch the bubble which "unbalances" the visual design of the model.



In ArcMap model builder would allow word wrapping that creates a more aesthetically pleasing model which is easier to understand, because one can see the whole name and its size is similar to other model elements.