Allow users to Favorite commonly used System Tools across Projects

04-06-2021 10:57 AM
Status: Implemented
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by Anonymous User
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Allow users to add commonly used system geoprocessing tools to a Toolbox that can be favorited across all projects.

It seems that you can only favorite system tools within a project, but this requires repeating steps for every new project. There are a number of system toolboxes that are used regularly and the steps to access these tools for new projects is somewhat cumbersome. Allowing system toolboxes to be bookmarked into a favorited custom toolbox can help simplify these steps.


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Haven't had the need to use one, but it sounds like this might be a possibility

Project templates—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

Can we assume you have ruled this out?

Customize the ribbon options—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation


@DanPatterson beat me to it 😀  but I was also going to suggest some of the options outlined in

To carry across projects, you could add to the ribbon, or add to the GP Favorites, create a project template and create new projects from the template.



by Anonymous User

I appreciate the suggestions, @DanPatterson and @KoryKramer 

A project template could work but it seems like the functionality to favorite a custom toolbox is already there, why not make it possible to favorite system tools across projects as well? Project templates are great but to reconfigure it each time new tools want to be favorited would be pretty frustrating when all I really want is quick access to common tools the Catalog pane. I can also imagine a ribbon getting pretty busy if I went that route. 



No worries.  The idea is open - we were just trying to provide some helpful ways forward since not all ideas can be implemented and even if they are, it can take time for them to be prioritized.



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Status changed to: Implemented

This is implemented in ArcGIS Pro 2.9.  See Ideas in ArcGIS Pro 2.9 and go directly to 1:23 in the video for a little demo.