Allow default Results Management to be set to "Never Delete"

12-07-2012 10:37 AM
Status: Open
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In order to keep MXD files from getting too big the default option for Results Management is "2 weeks".
It would be good to have a check box on the Geoprcessing Options to make the choice be default, or to have a setting on the AdvancedArcMapSettings utility to allow setting the default.
When going back to a project done 6 months earlier it is handy to look at the results in order to re-run the processing done on the project.  If the default Results Management isn't changed it isn't possible to see which tools were used.

While I understand the problem of bulky MXD files, however, it is a better practice to utilize new MXD's by using templates and layers, rather than continually adding to or copying a single MXD.

A work around is to start with a blank document set the option to "Never Delete" and then save the MXD in:
Then the option is there to use that template under "My Templates" when creating a new document. 
Having the ability to set it as a default would be better.

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Would a better middle ground be the ability to store results within toolboxes perhaps?