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Add the option for using domain and subtype description while exporting to shapefile

10-22-2023 04:41 AM
Status: Already Offered
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The "Table to excel" GP tool includes an optional checkbox to "Use domain and Subtype description" which properly translate the text description from subtype names and domains to the resulting table.

Such an option doesn't appear to exists for the "Feature class to Shapefile" GP tool.

I bleieve it would be very useful to add a function to export feature class to shapefile that will export with the use domain and subtype description (same as "table to excel").

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It will be very useful


@USERMIPUY @LironNavi This feature is already implemented for both Export Features and Export Table tools when using the environment set to Transfer Domain Descriptions checkbox.
Export Features (Conversion)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation



Status changed to: Already Offered

The problem with how this is currently implemented is that it adds additional fields with the domain description. The preferred implementation would be replacing the domain codes with the descriptions in the same field. This might require an option to replace numeric fields with a text field in order to display the description.


@DennisSkultety Right, this is only for shape files because they do not have anywhere to put the information like geodatabases do.  For geodatabases the domains will be copied to the new geodatabase so there is no need to add new fields with the domain descriptions.  I suppose that we are trying not to alter your data in case you need to preserve your lookup keys.


It would be great if the Extract Data GP tool had the option to transfer descriptions under the environment settings.