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Add the Extract Data Tool from the ArcMap Production Mapping Toolbox in Pro

05-24-2018 08:16 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

The Extract Data tool in the ArcMap Production Mapping Toolbox allows the user to extract enterprise geodatabase data to a file geodatabase while preserving GLOBALIDS. If a user zips and publishes this file geodatabase to ArcGIS Online, it is possible to create a feature service that has the same GLOBALIDS as they have in the enterprise geodatabase.

This functionality is not available in Pro, which has instead the Extract Data tools for clip and ship geoprocessing which do not preserve GLOBALIDS.

Please Add the Extract Data tool to Pro and maybe call it something distinctive like Extract Data to File Geodatabase.


Pro's Extract Data doesn't include relationship classes and related standalone tables, either.


Will this missing feature be included in Pro 2.3?


I believe this is available now as Extract Data By Feature—Topographic Production toolbox | Documentation .  

EDIT: The Exclude Relationship Classes parameter, as described below, still needs to be added.

From ArcMap documentation: Related data is extracted by default. To avoid extracting related data, you must specify each relationship class that defines the related objects you want to exclude using the Exclude Relationship Classes parameter.


I just tried out the Extract Data by Feature tool in Pro, and while it’s a start, it lacks parameters that would make it fully equivalent to the ArcMap wizard. As it is now, it doesn’t do the job for me.

The biggest problem is that it doesn’t honor selections. I thought all GP tools do that, but with this tool. there are only two ways to filter the data: set definition queries and a polygon to define the limits of the data to be extracted. In a lot of cases, you’d have to create a poly for AOI, yet another step. But what if the features you need are scattered among others you don’t need. That means a lot of time spent working out complex definition queries for multiple layers. Then there are the standalone tables. The tool did indeed include the relationship classes, but the only way to limit the tables is more definition queries.

By the time I jump through all of those hoops, I could open ArcMap and run the wizard several times just by selecting the features, then pushing the relates to select table rows.