Add support for place-name alias tables in geocode services

11-04-2014 08:51 AM
Status: Open
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According to the documentation:

"Publishing a locator that contains a place-name alias table is not supported. Remove the place-name alias table in the Address Locator Properties dialog box prior to publishing the locator."

This is a real downgrade for geocoding services.  If the trend of pushing everything to the web is going to be viable, full functionality must be supported by the web services.
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Please add this, it has been several years and something very critical for basic geocoding.

The local govt data model does not have a Street Alias table but the reality is there can be multiple street names possible for a given segment.  

Not having this fails to locate these alternate street names (County Roads, State Highways, Historical) all can have alternative names or abbreviated forms. 


The place-name alias table mentioned in the original post is for things like being able to type "City Hall" and have it match to the address for City Hall. This is currently not supported by a geocode service, however, the alternate name table is what you need for alternate street names where you can have a 1-to-Many relationship between the features in the primary table and the alternate or abbreviated street names. The alternate street name table is supported when publishing the locator as a geocode service.


Thank you for the clarification regarding this idea and the current support for alternate name table. We just tested this and it worked so that can help us in some regards. 

I still support and vote for this idea. It would be nice if alias table was supported so we can tie our structures/landmarks data model to the point addresses so we can avoid individual locators for each structure type. 


You're welcome. Have you considered using the General - Gazetteer style to create a locator for your structures and landmarks, then adding the Gazetteer type locator to a composite with your other address locator(s)? Then publish the composite, which will allow you to search for addresses, intersections, structures and landmarks.