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Add ability to select and amend options for multiple layers at once.

12-22-2014 01:12 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II
When working with data or layers in desktop or AGOL it would increase productivity if you could amend the layer options of more than one layer at once. For example, in ArcGIS online I want to select numerous layers and set up the pop up for all of them at once.
This same functionality could be added to all aspects of each product line, saving a lot of time wasted on repetition. Another example would be in Desktop, I should be able to select three of five layers and set up labeling for all three at once.
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For what it's worth, multi-layer select and then "do something" with the layers works in ArcGIS Pro where feasible.  Here is an example with labeling:

Note that I'm in the List by Labeling view of the Contents pane.  I can select multiple layers and make bulk changes to many of the properties.