Why is there a challenge for a document shared with everybody?

11-15-2020 06:17 AM
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I have some documents I'd like to have linked from a map. I can share the map in a web app with everyone and people can see it without getting challenged. The linked documents trigger a challenge, however. They have been added as items to my arcgis online account and shared with everyone.

Is this as expected, or am I missing something? I'd like to make a map and link to these documents, and share with everyone, without a challenge when they hit the link.

Is this possible? Thank you,

Randy McGregor

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Shouldn't be a problem - can you show us the link you are using for the document?  Is this public or shared to a group?

Washoe County GIS
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Thank you,

Turns out I was using the wrong link. I was using the link from the item details page. I selected the item and it took me to that page and I copied that url. When I selected the correct url - the one the ends with .../data, it works fine, so good old user error.

Thanks for the reply. I appreciate it.


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