Where to find organization settings for portals and sharing?

08-19-2021 01:13 AM
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I am currently not able to share web maps from ArcGis Pro because my account does not have the authorization to do so.  The problem is that no one at my company knows how to add the appropriate authorization. 
I am an administrator to our Organization in My Esri, but I cannot find the Organization-specific settings such as member permissions and credits.  I can only see a Users list where I can change some permissions, but not web sharing permissions nor setting up a portal for our company.  

Do I somehow need to be signed in as our Organization instead of as a user/administrator? Do we maybe need a different subscriptions? 

Many thanks to anyone who is able to help!

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Have you activated your ArcGIS Online Organizational Account?

You should log into www.arcgis.com (Using your ArcGIS Online Organizational Account Administrator) instead of My Esri.

Please connect with Esri Technical Support, if you need help in setting up your ArcGIS Online Organizational Account.

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Many thanks for the quick reply!  I shall reach out to our local ESRI techncial support for more information on how to log into arcgis.com using "your ArcGIS Online Organizational Account Administrator".  

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