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Unable to publish feature services containing arcade expressions from ArcPro to ArcServer

11-10-2021 01:39 PM
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Hey All, 

I am trying to publish feature services with Arcade expressions from ArcPro to ArcServer. While the services are being published, the arcade expressions are not.. they do not come through when I bring the services into ArcOnline map viewer. I've published directly to ArcOnline from ArcPro (avoiding ArcServer) and the expressions come through, however we are trying to use ArcServer for unsupported symbology reasons. From the research I've done, the issue is that our ArcServer version is not compatible with our ArcPro version. I'm not getting any error message, such as described in this post, and believe I'm not using any super new functions per the Arcade version matrix? Pretty much the using the same expressions with logical boolean functions over and over only to show attribute fields that are not null and contain values.

Example: IIF(isEmpty($feature["Bedrock_Pub_Title"]), "", TextFormatting.NewLine + "Title:")

Our office is slowly migrating from ArcMap to ArcPro. Most of the feature services we have published to our ArcServer are from ArcMap, but a few are also from ArcPro. We are currently running 10.7.1 on ArcMap and ArcServer and 2.8 on ArcPro.

We feel comfortable upgrading to 10.8.1 ArcMap and ArcServer, but are hesitant to upgrade ArcServer to 10.9 based on compatibility issues between publishing/updating services from ArcMap 10.8.1 and ArcServer 10.9 via this post. Not sure if upgrading ArcServer to 10.8.1 will resolve my issues with arcade expressions or only if we upgrade to 10.9, which poses concerns.

We publish complex maps that require line/pattern fill symbology. ArcOnline does not support these types of symbology and will downgrade if publishing from ArcPro directly to ArcOnline. The work around is publishing to ArcServer, you get a warning that symbology is not supported but the symbology does retain. Yet if you try and customize any aspect of the feature with unsupported symbology in ArcOnline (including adding arcade expressions) it downgrades the symbology.   

Hoping someone can shed some light on the situation. Thanks in advance!


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