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Symbology Scaling in AGOL

07-16-2023 04:15 PM
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I created a map in Pro, that symbolizes the range of communication towers, in miles, based on an attribute:


The map has been published to AGOL, but because of how AGOL Map Viewer scales the symbology based on zoom level, the mile range of the towers is no longer symbolized correctly:


Is there a way to remedy this, so AGOL Map viewer correctly displays the coverage radius?

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Is there a way to remedy this, so AGOL Map viewer correctly displays the coverage radius?

Generate polygon buffers instead of using symbology

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Well, I tried to do it.  Changed map and layers coordinate system to state plane.  Got buffer to show up based on attribute, but when I try to publish it to AGOL, I get an error that the basemap and map's coordinate system aren't the same.  I can't change the basemap (that I know of), and changing the map's coordinate system to match the basemap throws the buffers off.  Any suggestions?

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Check your Basemap Layer properties:


As you noticed, your data layer is in another coordinate system.
Use the Tool Project (Data Management)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation 
to bring your data set into the same coordinate system as the basemap.


Another option would be to only publish the data layer as feature layer, without a basemap. This will maintain your coordinate system. But when you add the layer to a map, it will be transformed on the fly, which can have an impact on the layer performance.

If you don´t need a feature layer, you could also publish a tiled layer.

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Greetings @JasonCyphers 

I think that what you probably need is something like the Range Rings tool as described in the "Create Range Rings tool" available in ArcGIS Pro.
Doing a test with cities in Florida, I tried with the following parameters:


And here are the results (Map in WGS84):


I then published the Range Circle layer to ArcGIS Online, added the service to the map, and switched the coordinate system of the basemap to NAD 1983 StatePlane Florida WEST FIPS 0902 (US Feet), and got the following:


So the Circle layer will be projected to the coordinate system you are using in the basemap (In this case WGS84) , and be geodetically correct:



Oh, sorry, in your original question, you are defining the range through an attribute.  The tool I illustrated above is an interactive tool.  However, there is a tool that should do what you want based on an attribute value, Generate Range Rings From Features (Defense). I have not tried this particular tool, but it looks like it will work for your use case. 

Hope the above helps.

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