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07-22-2019 03:33 PM
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I have two Features (Taps which is a point) and Service Lines (which is a poly line).  Each has their own individual set of data in the background.  Through the "Select by Location", I can identify all Service Lines that are within a given distance of a tap (3 feet).  How can I further associate or link each service line to that specific tap.  Have almost 3,000 of each so don't want to hunt and peck.  Don't see any common features in either table to run a Join on.  Any suggestions?


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You can use Spatial Join using "Within a Distance of" from ArcGIS Online, ArcMap or Pro. Depending how often you have a tap within the same distance to multiple service lines you may end up with a few duplicate connection points.  However, it may substantially reduce the 3,000 you have to deal with now. I typically perform the spatial join using the unique fields from each of the features.  You then have a cross reference table that links the two features. You can then transfer the unique values between the features and use a typical join to access the other data. Take a look at:

Join Features | ArcGIS Online  Note, use "Choose a spatial relationship" Within a distance of not the "Choose the fields to match" option.

Spatial Join | ArcGIS Pro

Spatial Join | ArcMap

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