Refreshing a feature layer from the living atlas that I have summarized nearby with a .csv file

07-14-2021 09:06 AM
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I created an analysis to "summarize nearby" a feature layer from the living atlas that updates every 5 minutes with a .csv file. I set the refresh interval to 1 hr but without changes to the feature layer, I am not sure it is actually updating the summarized layer.


The living atlas layer is USA Current Wild Fires and the .csv file is a spreadsheet of addresses.


Any help would be appreciated!

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Your analysis results will not update as the input layers update. You will need to rerun the analysis tool each time you want your results to reflect changes to the input data.

You'll probably want to look into automating your analysis to run again at desired intervals. You could do this by creating a python script using the ArcGIS API for Python and then turning it into a .bat file that you can run using Windows Task Scheduler - check out this lesson for an idea of the workflow.  Alternatively, you could use ArcGIS Notebooks, if you have the permissions to create and edit notebooks. With Notebooks, for example, you can schedule a task to be executed according to your desired schedule.

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