Portal editing -> automatic registration of number of intersects

06-21-2019 12:04 AM
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I have a portal setup here and an application where certain folks can edit a polygon dataset (add/edit/delete) that is stored on our databases and posted through server. In the same service there is another polygon dataset that is not editable but hosted on the same databases and posted in the same way.

So my quest is this:

1. When the editable polygons are edited then there will be a model that runs automatically that calculates how many of the polygons of the non-editable dataset each specific polygon feature in the editable one intersect.

2. The number of intersecting polygons will be calculated and the result added to a specific integer attribute in the editable dataset.

3. Each of the polygons in the non-editable dataset has a name and those names will be added, for the respective intersected polygons, to an string attribute in the editable dataset.

Is anyone a genius?

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