Perform cut-and-fill volume calculation in AGOL

04-16-2020 06:54 AM
New Contributor III

Hi everyone,

in the ArcGIS Enterprise specific Ortho Maker app, there's an option to perform cut-and-fill volume calculation directly on the map. Do you know of any way to recreate this in ArcGIS Online if I provide my own DEM, TIN, elevation layer or point cloud to a Map or a Scene? AOIs should be either provided by drawing own polygons or just by importing them. Since I can't use own web tools in AGOL or the Web App Builder, I think the answer might be no. But probably there are some more creative users out there that come up with an idea?

We're currently evaluating if we can get rid of the Pix4D cloud and its web viewer for hosting UAV products and do some measurements. But specifically the missing cut-and-fill volume tool in AGOL is holding us back right now.


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