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NOAA layers time out

04-29-2023 07:53 AM
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Hi Folks, 

I have created a map and Arcgis application based on the Electric Retail Service Territories Map.

I downloaded the ERST map, and basicallt customized all the data in the map to point to power company outage maps, and use an Arcgis app for an interface to that data.

The company dept (ISP) I work for uses it to easily locate power company outage maps based on geo location using zipcode or address. We use it to verify power issues for each outage we check before we roll our own tech. Therefore, the map has a lot of hits monthly. Averaging 24,000 hits every 24hrs.

The Problem:

NOAA weather radar times out, or stops loading over x amount of weeks. The only solution I've found is to switch between a between Base Reflectivity Radar (CloudGIS) layers.

Is there a hit limit either on the layers themselves, or on the NOAA data itself restricting x amount of hits?

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