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My Sidebar Instant App doesn't display layers loaded from files (CSV, GeoJSON) in the Layers list

02-12-2024 07:28 PM
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I am using the "new" Map Viewer. I have successfully loaded a CSV and GeoJSON file to my map via the "Add layer from URL" option. They display properly and I can view their tables.

After configuring the map, I created a web app for it using the Sidebar Instant App. In my Sidebar app, the two layers display correctly on the map and the popup works. However, neither one is in the Layers list, so I have no way to toggle them on/off or view their tables.

Is this a bug in the Sidebar Instant App?

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I'm hoping someone replies to you as I'm having a similar problem with my Sidebar apps -  layers not visible . Sorry I'm no help!

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