Download limit and blank .gdb in ArcGIS online

09-18-2020 08:36 AM
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Hi all,

I am trying to download a feature layer from ArcGIS online as a FGDB. Reason being it's been edited by collaborators in the ArcGIS online environment, and I now want to download the file so I can do some more in-depth analysis on the added content using ArcGIS desktop. 

From the feature layer overview page, the option 'export data - to FGDB' seems to work ok (yes it takes a while as expected, but eventually appears ready for download. But the next step once it's ready to download doesn't work, the .zip file appears in the computer 'downloads' folder, but it's always empty.

I know that there isn't a problem with the process itself, as I have done the exact same thing with a feature service in the past and it worked ok, with the downloaded .zip containing the fGDB which opened straight up in ArcMap.

The only difference between the two feature services I think is the file size. The 'data overview' page for the feature service that doesn't work gives the size in AGOL as 3,051 MB.  The one that worked was around 800 MB I think.

So I'm wondering if there is a download limit that may be causing this? I've had a search around and can't find any reference to download limits, but may have missed something. 

Any thoughts on this or if you've experienced similar issues and found a solution would be much appreciated,

thanks, Peter

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