Coded domains showing up instead of Field/display names..what am I doing wrong?

06-04-2019 11:50 AM
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I found this post but no other references to this topic (, so I am thinking that possibly this has been resolved or I am just doing something wrong. I have created a .gdb with a line and area feature class and coded domains in desktop, published through my organization to AGOL, and hosted the feature service to my web map for use in Collector. However the coded domains for one of the 5 fields displays rather than the display names of the fields. Both the line and area feature layer visualize the same way in collector and I realize I need to get it right in the Web Map first. Currently, everything appears backwards in Collector.  I am new to AGOL so thank you in advance for the tips.

Kristal Walsh, Florida Fish and Wildlife
Office of Conservation Planning
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