Can you apply the same configuration to multiple pop ups at once?

05-09-2016 08:35 AM
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I have a map that has over a dozen point layers. All layers point to the same feature class but each layer has a definition query to only show a certain subset of points based on a "Type" attribute. What I would like to do is apply the same pop up configuration for all of these layers rather than one at a time.

Is there a more efficient way to accomplish other than going through each layer and manually configuring the pop up for each layer?

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instead of applying the definition query in arcmap then publishing the mxd, you could publish the mxd with just on instance of the point features and in your online map you can copy the layer after setting up the pop up then filter each layer like you had the definition queries, this would save you a little time, when you copy a layer in an online map it retains the pop up configuration

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Hi Roberto,

Currently, there is no way through the user interface to apply similar pop up settings to a different feature service. I would recommend submitting this idea to the ideas site at Esri Arcgis Ideas | Ideas Submission Portal.