ArcGIS Online web page keeps crashing

08-03-2018 12:57 PM
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ArcGIS online web map and web app keeps crashing browser.

Error message

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Hi Jonathan,

It would help if you could provide some more info:

- What web browser are you using? Chrome, FireFox, Edge, IE, etc?

- Have you tested your workflow in a different web browser?

- What are you doing when this occurs? Please be specific in your workflow - can you please provide repro steps?

- Is this behavior new? Was your workflow working previously and this just started happening recently?

- Have you tried to clear the web browser cache, close the browser, then re-open the browser?

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Hi Derek,

  • I am using Safari on phone, laptop and tablet
  • Haven't tested on other browser
  • This occurs when I am changing/editing some web maps and web apps, so changing symbology, changing pop up configuration, normal web amp style view prep
  • Yes this is new not had it done before, very recent last day.
  • Will try clearing browser cache


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Are you still experiencing the crashing?

There haven't been any performance issues reported so I think we should troubleshoot this as an issue specific to this map.

You can always check for performance issues here:

ArcGIS Online Health Dashboard 

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Hi this issue has just occurred again when going into the app on my iphone.

I will see about logging a support call with ESRI UK, it is for an event I am organising 

Map link below 

ArcGIS Web Application 



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Which web browser is the best for web maps? 

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