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ArcGIS Online Usage Dates - don't match

04-18-2022 01:34 PM
New Contributor

Hi - 

I am required to submit weekly reports on the usage of our AGOL products. It's a little embarrassing when the date range noted in the title does not match what's on the graph, and I don't have an explanation. (see image below). The date range is set for 7 days, and the title says April 11 to April 18, yet the graph is from April 10 - April 17.  This request was created about 9am HST. 


When I set the custom date range for the same date: 



When I set it for April 10- 17 - - 


I suppose the advice I will get is to set it for the previous day to get a complete 24 hour view of the data, if the AGOL data usage cannot calculate 24 hours (from for example 7am - 7pm).  What does AGOL consider a full 24 hours, is it calculated from midnite only?




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