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08-28-2020 12:14 PM
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 I was using HTML & CSS to customize the org Home page same as in the below post ,but for some reason some of the features in the home page stopped working exactly after AGOL update in June.


Knowing that old home page will be discontinued in the future.  I decided  to upgrade the org landing home page to use the new Home Page that was introduced back in June 2020,  but I feel it still missing a lot of basic features ,such as changing the text colors or use different background colors other than Black, Gray ... 

is there any way to change the text and background colors in the new home page designer ?

also is there anyway to show open data sites as an item in the new page same as we show the web apps or maps ?

Thanks ,


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Agree. There's much less flexibility in the new template compared to the customization you mention. We have a pink logo and the black or white text (not to mention the font that don't match at all) just looks ugly next to it. I could also position the logo/text just where it fitted (in a lighter spot on our background image), but it's not possible anymore. 

Also, I don't like the fact that you now have to scroll down to see the gallery (even if there's no text above it).

Everything used to fit neatly in one screen, I don't the added value of spreading things so much (and I already hear users asking where the gallery's gone). 

I hope the former home page won't retire as fast as Esri mentions (this year), because it's really a downgrade.

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Hi @AhmadSALEH1, You should be able to select a group with featured content to add to the home page which would show links to your apps through the content block element.

You can also create custom styles to change the colors on your home page by selecing the Use custom theme -> Add custom style button.

Hope this helps.

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Hi @DylanT_EsriCanada , thanks for the tip about the custom styles. We are just now getting around to updating our homepage and I was surprised to find that the ability to modify the layout by customizing the HTML wasn't available anymore. 

From what you're saying though, it sounds like using a custom style will allow you to change font size, color, etc - but will Esri ever return the capability to just write the HTML when modifying the homepage layout?

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Hi @Katherine_Clark, I can't say 100% but it seems that way. I would not count on it.

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