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03-19-2019 06:24 AM
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I've noticed there's a "System maintenance" banner at the top of the Organization tab.

This informs that AGOL is undergoing maintenance on March 19th, 2019 between the times of 5pm and midnight PST.

Is there anyway to see additional information about the maintenance? i.e. which services will be affected (if affected at all)

it does inform that " you may experience some minimal disruption during this maintenance period." Would be helpful knowing what that distruption might be, as you would expect from a SaaS.



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ArcGIS Online will be updated tonight. To find out more about the new features, check out this blog:

There should be minimal disruptions while the update is going out and you probably won't notice, but you may want to clear your browser cache when you log in tomorrow morning if you aren't seeing the new features after the update.



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It would be good if the maintenance notice was displayed in the user accounts time zone.

I am also getting errors when trying to access my feature layers

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Hi Steve,

Thanks for the feedback about the maintenance messaging. Definitely something to consider.

An issue with feature services was investigated and resolved. You can monitor the status of ArcGIS Online at this link: ArcGIS Online Health Dashboard 

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Was the issue of having related records sorted correctly by date in a popup fixed with yesterday's AGOL update? 

In the above thread I mention, this issue was originally supposed to have been resolved back in Dec.2018, but it was not.  It does not appear in my testing today that this issue was resolved by last night's update either.

As such, would you have any idea when BUG-000119084 will be fixed?

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Hi Michael,

This bug isn't resolved in this release:

BUG-000119084: Sorting order for related records set in the pop-up .. 

You can check this link for updates. Additionally, if you are attached to this bug through a support case, you can escalate the bug from your support portal.


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Hi Steven,

Completely agree. My inital post asked for additional information to be posted with this maintenance notice. 

for example a much more informative (and helpful) message would be:

"AGOL is undergoing maintenance on March 19th, 2019 between the times of 5pm and midnight PST.

The nodes that might experience distruption to service are:




*list of updates carried out*."

In Steven's case - this might have allowed Steven to distribute a message about the distruption to service across his company/organisation.

If Steven's layer was of significant importance to the organisations function, this would have resulted in a significant loss of service.

I'm not sure why Kelly has marked her answer as correct.

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