ArcGIS Online Address Search inconsistently operating

07-17-2015 01:32 AM
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I have a private map just using the default map viewer and public map basically showing the same few features embedded in a web page. For both maps I am getting reports that sometimes the address search does not provide results for valid addresses. The people try search for slightly different search terms simplifying the address but still get the message:

No results

There were no results found for …..

In one example:

No results

There were no results found for "35 Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H 0AT".

But at another time it may well provide the result, it was even possible to put this into the private web map and get no result, then try the public map
and get the result.

The users are using Firefox. This has happened on and off over the last few weeks but seems to be a particular issue on a Friday.

When I try I manage to retrieve a result, I am using IE 11.

Is anyone else experience this problem?

Can anyone suggest anything that may fix this and get the search
facility consistently locating valid addresses?

Public map:


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