ArcGIS Image Online: Black Raster Borders and HTTP Errors

07-28-2021 08:47 AM
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Hello, I'm encountering two issues with our new ArcGIS Image Online capabilities.

1. With both Tiled Imagery Layers and Dynamic Layers, the TIFF rasters I'm attempting to upload (which were generated by either Site Scan or by DroneDeploy) have black NoData borders around them. I need to remove them.

I have verified that the TIFFs do not appear this way when accessed in ArcGIS Pro. I know how to remove these borders within ArcGIS Pro: it is not apparent to me how I might do the same within the ArcGIS Online environment.

2. When I attempted to open my most recently attempt at uploading a Dynamic Imagery Image Collection, I received this error message:


3. While I know we have an active ArcGIS Image Online license, I still cannot access Raster Functions when viewing my data in AGOL web maps.

Thanks, and I appreciate any help you might be able to offer.


Faine Greenwood

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