AGOL - Organising many layers

11-02-2020 02:11 AM
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I have a project that I am going to be putting onto AGOL. However the Features option is rather cumbersome to have anything more than 10 layers included, as it doesn't seem that they can be grouped (based upon the reading I did). I have about 70+ layers (mostly vectors) and would like them to be grouped. But I also want the option of being able to turn layers on/off by the user, within each group i.e. if I create Tiles or Vector Tiles, I can currently only turn the group on/off, not the separate layers within.

I am looking for advice to overcome this obstacle as if each layer is added separately as a Feature set, it is really going to make navigation for my client very unwelcoming.

I look forward to your responses and let me know if you have any questions you want to ask me. Also, if there is any literature you think will assist me, please advise.


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