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Adding sketch layers to a swipe tool in Media Map InstantApp

07-12-2023 01:48 PM
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Hello, I am trying to configure a web map that will ultimately be used for a swipe slider in the Media Map InstantApp. Since my swipe will be used to compare 2 time frames over an area, I wanted to add sketch layers for each year of data being compared so that as a person drags the slider, there will be one date (one sketch layer) associated with the leading swipe layer and one associated with the trailing swipe layer. I have 2 sketch layers in my map, but these sketch layers are not showing up as options for the leading and trailing layers in the swipe tool. Has anyone else experienced this, or is this a glitch? If this is standard, is there any plans to allow sketch layers as a leading and/or trailing layer for a swipe tool?


Thanks in advance!

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