World Imagery Basemap - Control over which image is displayed at any scale / have identify tool properly ID images at scale

07-21-2014 12:28 PM
Status: Open
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In my area of interest, at 1:3000 or more, an older image is loaded despite being a lower resolution.
At 1:4000 or less the new image with greater resolution is displayed. 

The image that is being displayed is mandated by the predefined scale dependancies in the service.

Regardless of which scale image is shown, the identify tool only references the newer image (even when it is not displayed due to the scale dependancy)

1) Would like to be able to control which image is displayed (merge with Google Time Slider idea)

2) Would like the identify tool to show each layered image separately (as it normally does with layers that are not part of a basemap service).

3) Would like the Service Layer credits to show not only the date of service, but the date of the particular layer being displayed within the service.
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This is actually a big deal!  There's no way to be sure which imagery you are looking at.  It would be great if we could turn each resolution on/off.  Changing the Identify tool to show all Visible layers gives you attributes for each level of imagery but it doesn't tell you which level/date you are looking at.