WAB - Download Data from the Layer List Widget

12-10-2017 10:53 PM
Status: Open
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Currently, there is no direct and straightforward way to download the data for a layer in a web app.It would be very useful to be able to dowload data as KML, shp, json or table straight from the contextual menu for each layer in the "Layer List Widget"

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100% Agree. I've set up a Data Download widget by running the Extract Data Task then exporting the tool result to a GP Service on our GIS Server. Then need to add the GP service to the Geoprocessing widget in a Web AppBuilder app.

It's clunky to set up and maintain if layers are updated or re-ordered. 

The Analysis widget has an extract option which is nice, but it creates an item in Portal to download. It doesn't create a zip file in the web browser, so external clients wont be able to access it.