To save time if we can download all of the attachments from ArcGIS Online at once!

10-03-2014 07:24 PM
Status: Open
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Collector for ArcGIS is the great application for surveying indeed. Unfortunately, after the process of collecting data using Collector for ArcGIS, donwloading the attachments from ArcGIS Online takes a long time to finish.

It would be great if we can download all of the attachments to our local storage at once! As one ZIP file or  a folder, whatever. We can save time a lot!

I hope this would be helpful for us and our customers if it's implemented somehow.


I also agree with this!
To download all attachments at once will be very helpful. I created a GeoForm Template to collect the customers' information. When I want to use the pictures attached, I have to download them one by one. It wated time I think. If this capability is implemented, that would be very beneficial!
There is a user script to do this on github. Haven't tried it out myself but it might be an option for you because doubt we will get this since it can be accomplished thru scripting.
@rgrichards Thanks! I have tried that once. But I still believe that there is gonna be better if we ( maybe only administrator) can download the items through a functional tool on ArcGIS Online.
I once used this workflow: