Time Slider in 3D Web Scene

08-10-2020 08:04 AM
Status: Open
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I have 3D data with each feature having a single time field. I would like to publish this data via a 3D Scene and have the ability to play through the content just I would within an ArcGIS Pro Scene. To my knowledge, this feature does not exist, nor have I found mention of this currently on the agenda for future release. 


Hi Nicholas,

We are looking at if and how to implement a time slider in scene viewer in the next couple of months. Would you be able to share detailed use cases for time slider support in scene viewer and possibly some test data?

Thanks Gert


We are looking for the same ability to visualise 3d Data in Experience Builder using the time slider.


The time slider widget in Experience Builder works in 3D. Just for time enabled feature layers at the moment


We've got point data of inundation levels on an hourly basis for a 10 day time period. Right now, we can show a single time snapshot in 3D in scene with points extruded based on the amount of inundation at that time point and graduated symbology from ground level to the height of inundation. Or we can play the 2D points with changing symbology and a time slider. But we are not able to do both.

At a minimum, I would like to provide a 3D visual of the height of each point from hour to hour.

Better would be to include some graduated symbology of the extruded point where the color changes with the height from bottom to top while the amount of inundation increases/decreases the 'physical' height of the extruded point.