Syncing Updated Domains in Survey123 Connect and AGOL

02-08-2019 09:28 AM
Status: Open
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I noticed today that edits being made to a domain in Survey123 Connect are not being recognized in AGOL. So for instance, I added a few answers to a list for a select_one field and republished the survey without issue. Surveys using these newly available answers can be submitted also without issue. However, these new answers are not recognized as being part of the domain in AGOL. The coded value will appear in popups but if, for example, I attempt to edit a submitted survey in AGOL those newly created answers do not appear in the drop down. I have to manually add those answers to the domain in AGOL as well.

Not a huge problem with this particular case but it would be convenient if the domain in AGOL automatically updated when edits are made in Survey123 Connect and republished.

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by Anonymous User

It would be VERY nice for the Survey123 web app to have the ability to update a S123 field's domain list, or better yet, have it tied to a feature layer field, that is continuously getting updated via a web app, so you don't have to enter it twice, less errors!

Most likely will have to publish after the survey's domain list has changed, is it possible to prompt the user to publish the survey after a field's domain list has been changed, maybe a setting at the field level?

And having the response "Other ____" for a field that has a domain, this entry could be automatically added to the domain list and survey published, or QC'd then publish later, options for that field?