Survey 123 Grid Theme to be supported in ArcGIS Online

07-24-2019 05:10 AM
Status: Open
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My company has published a survey to ArcGIS Online to collect customer interests in our services. We are asking the customer to fill out a survey 123 form and would like the form to support multiple questions per line like it does when published to Portal. The multiple questions per line can reduce the amount of scrolling the user would have to do, make the form more concise and more eye appealing.

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Hi Hannah Sturm‌  It seems to me like you really mean Survey123 Theme-Grid to be supported in the Survey123 web app.  Just for context, you can publish at the moment a survey using the theme-grid into ArcGIS Online (or ArcGIS Enterprise). Then, you can use that survey from the Survey123 field app, but not from the Survey123 web app (web form). It seems like you want people to use a web form with questions arranged side by side. Adjusting the title of this idea (and fixing the naming from Survey 123 to Survey123) may bring more views into your idea (and votes). Thanks!