"Best Position" option for AGOL Point Labels

12-28-2018 02:24 PM
Status: Open
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This would be similar to the Maplex function which places labels so they display without overlapping each other.  As of now you can choose one of nine (eight cardinal plus center) positions, but this is applied to all features and thus doesn't alleviate the "not displaying overlapping labels" issue.  

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by Anonymous User


It would be really great if point features in ArcGIS Online could be labeled using "Best Position" position placement type like you can in ArcGIS Pro.

Our engineers, designers, admin, and fielders would greatly benefit from this "Best Position" point labeling AGOL enhancement. Is this in the ESRI Product Plan?

At present, we do not find much convenience or use out of "The nine-grid 'tic-tac-toe' pattern" (AGOL label position of points: Top-left, top-center, top-right, middle-left, center, middle-right, bottom-left, bottom-center, or bottom-right)". When only the top label is visible, such as is default in AGOL, we can easily miss underlying features which can be costly in our telecom industry.