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12-28-2021 03:51 PM
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Companies are using ArcGIS Online more and more to deliver their finalized products to their customers.

In our case, the product was a 3D scene of an intersection including LiDAR data, as well as vector data representing buildings and street assets. As we were exporting our layers from ArcGIS Pro to Arc GIS Online, we noticed all the more complex symbology needed to be simplified. 

The issue was losing the "wow factor" given by the procedural fill for the buildings in the area. 

Is there a way to make that type of symbology compatible with ArcGIS Online?


Thank you!

by Esri Contributor

Hi Kristine,

What is the format of the 3D buildings? Is it a 3D multipatch feature class stored in a geodatabase?

If it isn't a 3D multipatch feature class (i.e. an 2D extruded polygon feature class), please convert it to a multipatch using the tool below and publish it to ArcGIS Online.

Also, how are you publishing this layer to ArcGIS Online?

  • creating a scene layer package
  • or publishing the scene directly as a web scene

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Hi Kanin,

I opened a similar question.
Even if it is 3D multipatch inside a geodatabase, the rendering will be without texture.
Scene layer package cannot be created with the new geoprocessing if the multipatch has procedural symbology.

See my post for more details.
Any solution?




There's a solution to this problem in a new post on the ArcGIS Blog:

You need to run the gp tool "Layer 3D to Feature Class" even if the layer is already a 3D Multipatch, leaving the Disable color and texture option disabled. This step will "freeze" the procedural symbology in the layer itself.

Then you can publish the output layer or the scene in ArcGIS Online and the texture will appear.