Please put back the (International feet) projection file for Alabama and Mississippi.

03-14-2012 02:16 PM
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I was told by tech support today (3-14-2012) that Esri did not support ArcMap versions prior to version 9.3 and to post a request at this location.

I am looking for the international foot projection file for Alabama and Mississippi in NAD 83.  I look in version 9.2 and did not see them there.  It would be benefical to have the old feet (internaional) projection file back.  Right now these states only have a State Plane coordinate system in Nad 83 for survey feet and meter and not the international feet. 

We as a company still have some clients with these states that prefer data in the US Foot (survey feet) but we also have others that prefer to have data in feet (international) format.  We as a company do a lot of work in CAD, and is always exporting data from ArcMap to some CAD format whether it is in vector format or raster.

Right now I am using a 3rd party software to convert all of the survey feet data to the international foot.  This is very annoying having to use other software, when in previous version of ArcMap the coordinate systems I needed was there to choose from.

Fill free to email them to me at if it would be easier than to consider adding them to future version of ArcMap.  Having them in ArcMap could not hurt anything could it.

Thanks for everything you do

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You can create your own projection file using international foot by following the procedure below:

Open the Data Frame Properties and go to the coordinate system tab
Select the appropriate State Plane US Foot coordinate system and click Modify
Change the name of the coordinate system to something unique, for example ending in IntlFoot
In the linear unit drop-down, change the name from Foot_US to Foot
Click OK
Click Add to Favorites

You can not use that spatial reference to project your data collected in US feet to international feet.