Parcel Viewer web app has decreased functionality at latest release

08-07-2013 09:35 AM
Status: Open
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Bring back the old functionality!!

Since the "bug" is considered an enhancement request here goes...

With the recent upgrade to AGOL, I have discovered a major difference in the identify window particularly with respect to paging through the attributes of overlapping features. I have submitted an incident to tech support.

Problem: Attributes of only 1 feature service are displayed and the feature is not highlighted. No paging is available to user whenever said feature overlaps another or user clicks edge b/t 2 features. 0EME0000000Tg1x

Here I've used the exact same data in the OLD viewer and notice that the paging functionality is there and that the identity window is consistent with other web applications (black title bar, maximize option, paging). Also note the highlighted feature. 0EME0000000Tg22

The upgraded solution is no longer valid for it's intended purpose. Users are not able to determine the attributed feature as well the attributes of overlapping features.

This is not an enhancement request.  It is a known issue (bug).   We were trying to make the popup work better on mobile devices and unfortunately lost the ability to view multiple features in the process.   We recognize this is a major problem in parcel workflows and will be pushing out an update soon to resolve it.   
Thanks Scott for the update. I posted this before any feedback on the update. I also wanted to let the communty know as there were no posts related to this issue prior...
Thank you. Looking forward to the update.