More gallery items on new Home Page configuration

07-11-2020 12:07 PM
Status: Open
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Our company has groups based on department or function within the company, and we have many more than just 5 of them.  I would like the ability to put unlimited number of gallery items on the new home page.  Since users only see the galleries that they belong to, it wouldn't be overcrowded for most users.

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Groups tend to have a lot of items, so there can be a lot to scroll through even when you only have a couple of item galleries on the home page. And when you think about viewing the home page on a phone, it will require even more scrolling.

It may be useful to change how you organize and present content on your home page. Adopting a more hierarchical approach could yield a better result. For example, a city might create an item gallery with items that link to group, like a group for the police department, fire department and so on. In this example, the home page has 4 items in the gallery. But because those items actually reference groups, clicking on one would navigate to a group if any number of items.

To create this hierarchy,

  1. Create a group for your item gallery that will contain items that link to other groups. 
  2. Create an item that points to an existing group with content. From My Content, click the "Add Item" button and choose "From a URL",
  3. Choose the "Document" option and specify the URL to your group. In another browser tab, you can navigate to your group and copy the URL. Before you copy, you can also choose which tab to land on, for example, the Content tab of the group and hide the filter. This will be reflected in the URL.
  4. Set the title, tags and set a thumbnail.
  5. Share this item to your item gallery group. The share settings of the item will determine who can see it. Thus, access to the fire department will reflect how you share the item that points to the fire department.

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