Make legends in online Configurable apps dynamic legends

01-20-2016 10:23 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II
When viewing a map in one of the Configurable Apps in online, the legend only displays the layers that are turned on initially.  If you turn off layers or turn on additional layers, the legend does not update to reflect this. The legend appears to now be just a static legend of initial layers. It seems to occur on all "Configurable Apps", such as Basic Viewer, Compare Analysis, and Edit App, etc. It does NOT seem to occur on apps built with "Web AppBuilder". It would be preferable if these configurable apps had dynamic legends, too.
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After further investigation, I discovered that the Basic Viewer (and other Configurable Apps) will actually update the legend but only after you zoom in or out. So when you turn on/off layers,  the legend will not update until you zoom in/out. Would be nice if they updated immediately like Web AppBuilder apps.