Make basemap gallery customizable for a map/user/group

06-24-2013 01:25 PM
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The Basemap Gallery should be customizable. Currently it is customizable only for all users in an organization. It would be much better if the individual user could customize the basemap gallery so basemaps they use frequently are easily available. This should be customizable at the web map level. For example, suppose I want to use a particular basemap on a web map. That's fine until the user decides they want to see a different basemap for a moment. Then the user will not have the option to get back the original basemap. 

It would be even better if the basemap gallery could be customized by user and by group, as well. I would envision the gallery might be divided into sections including the ESRI standard set of basemaps, any custom basemaps the map author added to the map, and any custom basemaps the user and/or group has defined. 

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I was going to create a new "idea" but decided this is really just an extension of your request.   Maybe adding a comment will get others to see this and get the idea promoted.

Our organization uses a custom basemap gallery since we use a non-AGOL standard projection (i.e. Albers, not WMA) for most of our work.  However, the basemaps that are available thru the defaul basemap gallery are also very useful.  Because AGOL and the Javascript API will not project basemaps on-the-fly, it would be very helpful to be able to create multiple basemap galleries, one for each projection that an organization requires.

The selection of the basemap gallery would need to be an option thru Web Application builder, the API and when creating a new map within the organization.  The administrator should still be able to set a default gallery, but organization users should be able to override, especially within Desktop.

(btw - if it's possible to edit your original post, add some tags such as "basemap gallery, JavaScript, Web Applicaiton Builder, ArcGIS Online"    It might get a few more people to see this idea. )

A customize basemap gallery would be really great. In the current dashboards we have a list of 12 basemaps that are available for switching. But for a lot of applications we just need a maximum of 3/4. But changing the custom group will change everything for everybody in the portal and different countries. Hope this smart idea will be soon available.