Make ArcGIS Portal default maxRecordCount setting configurable

04-13-2017 10:47 AM
Status: Open
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We are constantly bumping into the 1000 maxRecordCount limit (or 2000 at 10.5) default setting for hosted feature services published using non-ArcGIS desktop applications. This is viewed by many of our users as an error or limitation and hinders our ability to sell adoption of our ArcGIS Platform. We would really appreciate having this default setting exposed as a parameter to ArcGIS Portal administrators so they can set the maxRecordCount limit for their organization based on their assessment of what is reasonable for their users and workflows.

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This services admin page can be used to update aspects of the service definition including changing the schema, adding/changing copyright text, or changing any other aspect of the definition- like the max record count. See this blog post and this doc for more information.

Be careful though, because you can corrupt your data very easily. Always make a copy!