Global setting for Enabling pop-ups for all layers (ArcGIS Online)

01-30-2014 09:36 AM
Status: Open
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When creating a map in AGOL using AGS map services by default the layers do NOT have the pop-ups enabled.  It's all well and good if it's a feature service as the layers have pop-ups automatically enabled.  We host the ArcGIS Server map serves and run them in AGOL maps.  The annoying thing is that there is NO GLOBAL setting to turn on pop-ups for all layers at either the AGS map service level (the map service is added as an 'Item' in My Content) or at the AGOL map level (potentially made up of 4/5 map services).  When you have around 100 layers to enable pop-ups for it gets very tiring.

So please ESRI can you add an AGOL setting to globally apply pop-ups to all layers in A) the AGS map services (added as Items in My Content) and B) the AGOL map level (made up of multiple AGS map services).

Feature services are not an option for us.
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by Anonymous User
+1 for us also -- AGOL Team - we would love bieng able to turn on all AGOL popups in one click.

Here is our workflow:
Each time a user (such as us) changes a MXD that powers a service for a webmap from ArcGIS Server 10.2 and below, it changes the layerIDs and this destroys the webmap.  (10.3+ server fixes this with immutable layer IDs but we can't upgrade until later this year, as with many other organizations, we can only upgrade in narrow windows)   We have 600 layers in a service and I have to re-enable every single one each time we add or remove a layer!  And the scroll bar zooms to the top after each time after enabling a popup. So this AGOL enhancement would be very helpful.