GeoForm - Customize Form Submission Pop-Up

01-11-2017 07:37 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

I would like to suggest adding the ability to configure the GeoForm web template to alter the “Your entry has been submitted to the map.”  text as well as the ability to remove the envelope icon and the form link.  Ideally this feature would be accessible from the configuration settings in the online builder without the need to download the code and host it.


I agree with this. I'd like to remove the email envelope, all the share information, website link. I'd also like to be able to edit all of the text. Don't like, "Thank you for your contribution!" or "Your entry has been submitted to the map."

We want to use this for a public application. The public wouldn't know this is related to a map. They're just providing us information on a form.

I'd like to be able to do this in ArcGIS Online as well and not have to host the application. When creating the geoform there should be a 'configure submit splash screen' step towards the end.


This really needs to be addressed; we should be able to redirect or even not show the end 'splash' at all.


Agree, should be able to disable the submit splash screen.