Finer control for "Updated" date in ArcGIS Online Item Descriptions

01-21-2021 04:48 PM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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On ArcGIS Online Item Description pages, the auto-generated Update Date is the most prominent revison date. For dataset- or service-type items, the auto-updated Update Date is not appropriate as it makes it unclear what version of a dataset is being used.

Allowing content creators to set this date manually using the metadata Revision Date (as is possible on the Open Data site) would give more control to content creators to provide confidence to users in the data they find.

At a minimum, displaying a  Revision Date more prominently on the Item Description page alongside the "Item Description updated date" would provide more clarity to users that they are using the correct version of the data.



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I think ArcGIS Online/Enterprise items should have two updated dates on the item description page; one for the item description/metadata revision date and another date for the content revision date. Even better would be a third date on the Item Description page for the created/published date. It would be nice to see at a glance when something was first published, when the content was last updated, and when the item description was last updated. 

I agree with @Anonymous User that it would be helpful for these dates to be pulled from the metadata if available, otherwise let the item owner edit the dates manually.