Expanding the Authoritative Label in AGOL

12-15-2017 12:46 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

We really like the deprecated/authoritative label but feel we could use something in between also, to cover all bases. Not everything is going to be so black and white, there are a lot of in between.

Production - where you are building a new feature layer and want other to review what you have for their community and contribute their data also.

Draft - Creating a new feature layer and want others to see the schema your creating and want feed back on ideas they may have to improve it.



My agency only views data from within the agency as Authoritative Data.  We use a lot of outside data that would fall under an Authoritative Data Source option.


These options should not be mutually exclusive, however. Something could be both "production" and "authoritative" Also, the roles should be adjusted so that the status assignment for each option can be allowed separately. Currently, only administrators can set to "authoritative" or "deprecated". It would be nice to have this be an assignable privilege. I could also see wanting to give the ability to set "draft" or "production" status to more roles than allowing the "authoritative" or "deprecated".