Enhancements to AGOL Local Perspective Template

01-05-2018 03:28 AM
Status: Open
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Two relatively simple things which I believe would significantly increase the usability of this template:

  1. Be able to specify which layers from my web map are included in the summary panel. At the moment it just assumes that you want to be able to show results for every layer in the map, whereas some of them such as a boundary layer are really only there as a visual reference so I'd like them to be drawn at all times.
  2. Allow the option for the buffer distance to be consistent across all layers. At the moment if a user adjusts the search distance for the first layer, it resets back to the default once they move on to the next layer. They have to keep resetting the distance for each new layer that they look at. I'd like the user to be able to set it once and then be automatically applied to all layers.
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I see that this is an older post, and the answer may be found elsewhere.  However, I too was encountering the same issue as described in line item 1.  The solution for me was to to a create a multi-layer base map.  The layers that were added to my base map were those I wanted to have displayed at all times, and not included in the summary panel.  I used Pro to publish my layer as a Tile Layer.  Then, in the web map, I moved the tile layer to the basemap.  Instead of removing the feature layer from the contents, I simply turned it off which prevented it from showing up in the summary panel.  See below link for more detailed information.

Choose basemap—ArcGIS Online Help | ArcGIS (scroll down to the middle of the page).