Data Driven Pages - Grouping

03-23-2012 02:02 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor II
Please add the ability to group records in a field and set map extent to grouped selection.  This option should be added to "Setup Data Driven Pages" menu. 

This would be helpful when using a feature class (FC)with disconnected polygons for a route/service area that have multiple records, and the field that needs to be used "Route" has about 10 records with the same value.  A workaround now, was to develope a batch process that dissolve the FC on the Route field, so the FC only has one unique record for a route.  The FC has to be maintained in a undissolve manager.

This would really help!!!
I would also find this really useful for batch mapping
a workaround is to set the data driven pages layer to an invisible dissolved layer and then display the undissolved layer for symbology
by Anonymous User
See "Extend the Page Definition Query to other fields" idea. Is that the same thing you are looking for? That can be accomplished with a Python Script. I'm looking for a way to refine a script so that it would work with minimal adjustment with various projects. I hope that ESRI implements this concept as it would facilitate many of the projects that I work on.