Crowdsource Polling for ArcGIS Online - Add a Legend Option

11-08-2018 05:59 PM
Status: Open
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Currently the Crowdsource Polling app does not allow for a legend to be visible.  This hampers the ability to provide a visual reference for features in the app, and should be a default option.  At present the only workaround I have without Javascript skills and hosting the app on our own servers (we do not have an external server) is to create the legend as an image and add this to the help widget.

Additionally, popups should be allowed to appear for layers other than the commentable layer.


This is a very needed option - crazy not to have a feature layer legend available


I agree. Having the option for a legend is a must! I know they were probably trying to be very simple and basic and a lot of times that's great. However a legend is a major component to every map, that it has to be an option. Please add. Thanks. Allison Muise


I'm looking for the same functionality.  It would be good to show to users what the other reference layers are in the map.   

by Anonymous User

This is just one of the things I'd like to see added to the map in this application template. I'd also like the app to support bookmarks so users could easily navigate to different areas of the map that correspond with features in the list.


Not so sure this is new after 16 months, could it be reviewed?

by Anonymous User

Allison Muise‌, can we get an update on the status of this app suggestion? Thanks.


It is our intention to add a legend to this app in the future, but at this time I don't have a timeline for the release of this enhancement.


Love this app, and looks like this update is in the pipeline. Still I am adding a comment in support that we definitely need the legend, as well as a basemap switcher. Thanks!